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From the beginning of our story, Populus Group has always been veteran owned.  It’s been a part of our DNA; we see within our own internal community the way so many of our core values align with those who have served our country.  So what’s changed?  A push from one of our best clients, and a push from our internal veterans & advocates has inspired us to make it official.  After an extensive vetting process, Populus Group has proudly been certified as a Veteran Owned Business (VOB) through the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC).

What does this change mean?  It means we’ve renewed our vows to continue working with people who believe what we believe.  If anyone can teach us about passion and service, it’s the men and women who have served.  Whether you’re another VOB looking for mentorship, an organization looking for innovative thinking and tenacity, or a service member yourself, we can’t wait to hear your story.  This change also means we’re going to do more to share our story.  Check back often or follow us on social media to see how we take action through our community outreach efforts. 

Want to know what it’s like to work with us?  Hear it straight from the source.  Check out what our veterans and veteran advocates are saying, and why we’re so passionate.


From Our Veterans and Veteran Advocates
  • The bond veterans share can’t be explained easily - but the connection and the identity can be felt immediately.  PG gets better the moment another veteran becomes a part of our community and our story. Bobby, President
  • Growing up in a military family, I can appreciate and respect the sacrifices our military veterans make to provide for their families and I’m grateful to those who have served our country. I’m passionate about using the skills, experience, and network I've gained over the years to give back to those in need of help. When I hear the stories of veterans returning home only to struggle to find work in the civilian sector, my heart goes out to them. I’m motivated to offer my time and knowledge to partner with them in their search for the right career opportunity.

    Brandon Byrd, Immigration Specialist
  • PG has been great at working around my National Guard schedule. I had to miss the Friday of my first week and it didn’t phase any of the leaders. The amount of both personal and professional support shown at PG has been a relief and I could not be happier to work for a company that displays such support for both current and former members of the military.

    Adam Dudak, Recruiter
  • As a current Navy Reservist, there have been numerous times where I've had to leave for training. Populus Group has made it easy for me to be mission focused while I'm gone. They have been so supportive and taken care of my responsibilities while I'm on orders, so I can return to work without worrying about what I've missed. It's a great feeling to work for a veteran-supportive company, knowing they have my back on the Homefront. Jessica Dwyer, Program Coordinator
  • I’m a veteran who needed help finding a new career, but didn’t know where to turn.  At Populus Group, I was able to share the knowledge gained from my stumbles while recruiting military veterans who are looking for their next steps.

    Nate Minear, Technical Recruiter
  • I strongly believe that those who fought for us deserve to be fought for. We will never be able to completely repay them for their sacrifice, but what we are able to do is provide them with an opportunity to succeed. I know what it's like to need that one person to give you the chance, and my mission is to create those moments for our veterans.

    Robyn Petroski, Internal Recruiting Administrative Assistant
  • Being a veteran at PG is the closest thing I've found to being a Marine.  When you’re in the military there's a sense of comradery that you develop within your branch of service. When I transitioned to the civilian world there were many things I could have missed such as stability, health insurance, annual raises, etc. but the thing I missed most was the sense of purpose. It wasn’t until I arrived at PG that I found that purpose and comradery I'd been missing.  PG is built on values like tradition, leadership, and a sense of purpose greater than yourself. I was proud to be a U.S. Marine and I am proud to be part of the PG family.

    Steve Powell, Recruiting Manager
  • It's been an amazing journey supporting my best friend through years of service in the U.S. Army. As he's transitioned to civilian life, I've seen how exciting and challenging that switch can be. My mission is to provide as much enthusiasm and support as possible through our military members' transitions along the way toward achieving their goals and careers.

    Andrea Pulkkinen, Business Development Support Specialist
  • My best friend, my work out buddy, the co-owner of my house, and the love of my life is a veteran.  His service is an integral part of him, and I witness first hand some of the challenges he and his brothers face daily.  If there is even one small thing that I can do to ease the challenge, that is my duty to them.  Through our initiative, our goal is to help facilitate their transition into a rewarding, challenging and engaging civilian career. Jill Seidl, Proposal Manager
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