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Who doesn't love a compliment? We know we do. The feedback we receive lets us know we're on the right track, or helps us to get better where we need to. It allows us to measure how we're doing, and that we did what we said we would. Don't take our word for it, read on!

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  • It has and continues to be a pleasure to work with the team at Populus Group. They are attentive, detail oriented and very receptive to feedback. We look forward to a continued partnership with Populus Group in the future. Lindsey H., Lead Employment Specialist, Global Engineering, Repair, Logistics and Product Manufacturer
  • In the two years plus we have partnered together, Populus Group has continued to provide [us] with qualified individuals for both contract and direct-hire staffing needs. Most often we have called on Populus Group to provide us with talented candidates possessing experience in application development, program management services, and software development lifecycle services. In addition to technical resources, [we have] also tasked the Populus Group team with finding operational management candidates.

    Tom M., Director PgMO, Global Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions Developer
  • I wanted to take a minute and provide kudos to a stellar team member, Abby Chase.  Well after 6 pm on a Friday, I frantically called into the Populus Group Troy office and Abby answered.  She immediately was willing and able to assist me in a sticky situation in regards to a contractor at our client without it even being one of her accounts that she typically services.  Gems like Abby are hard to find.  She stayed late on a Friday to ensure that the matter was attended too.  I sincerely appreciate the personal approach she took with this unique off-boarding situation to ensure the issue was taken care of.

    Luckily these types of instances are few and far between, but I am so grateful for the finesse in which Abby approached the situation and her unwavering customer service.

    Stephanie U. - Director of Operations, Client Program Office

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  • I was quite impressed at the number of jobs [my recruiter, Holly] was able to come up with, as well as the salaries because I was unwilling to change jobs for less pay, especially when I was fairly comfortable where I was at. I did end up taking a job as a Network Operations center contractor and the entire experience was a pleasant and easy one … Populus Group recruiting is a wonderful team and I have worked with a few different recruiting agencies in the past; most of them negative experiences with less than stellar customer service and attentiveness. Holly is by far the most professional, honest, and flat out best recruiter I have worked with. Harrison B.
  • Populus Group has always provided the best service possible, with the highest regards to Contractor needs, Immigration aspects and HR needs. For a Contractor, this undoubtedly enabled/facilitated providing the best services to the clients. I would highly consider referring qualified candidates to Populus. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for all the support you've provided me during the past three years. Especially Trish, you've always been on top responding to queries & following up. Thank you!!

    Praveen D.
  • Thank you for the information and thanks for all the wonderful and kind things you have done for me since we first met in July. I am very impressed with Populus Group and would highly recommend your services to anybody in need of such services. [They] approached me today and asked me if I wanted to transition from contractor to…employee. I answered with a resounding “yes”. :=)

    Rebecca M.
  • I am quickly approaching the end of my 5 month contract (wow—time flies!) and wanted to reach out to say thank you for being so responsive and supportive over the course of this assignment. I am happy to announce that I’ve been offered a full-time position and I will be rolling right into the new job upon completion of this contract next week … if I find myself wanting to step back into contracting in the future, you all at Populus will be the first people I reach out to! :)

    Robert A.
  • I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone at Populus Group. This has been a very long experience for me, and I am happy with the outcome. Populus Group has been taking care of me since 2009. It has been refreshing to work for a company that will provide insurance and benefits while being in a contract position. I know that there have been many emails over the last few years and we have never met face to face, but I have been grateful for the response that I receive from Populus Group when needed. Please let Stephanie know that I have appreciated all of her help, while I have been here, especially in the beginning.  I was welcomed into the company.

    So, today, if everything is still on track, will be my last working day with Populus Group. I just wanted to give everyone a big Thank You for helping me reach one of my goals to become a Full Time Employee.

    Everyone should be thanked for a job well done.

    Paula S.
  • I should be the one thanking Shae for her hard work and dedication to her job. Her patience has been the key for me to be able to resolve my problems, she is an outstanding young woman with a great ability to resolve my issues for me I hope this email response sees its way to Megan and Matt for they have a trustworthy and valued member to their staff. Shae your efforts in this field of work and your ability to multitask have resulted in impacting the life of other people in a whole other state, you as an employee have single-handedly instilled trust and genuine confidence in Populus Group and that is something that sometimes is not always appreciated and acknowledged. Thank you for your service.

    Ricardo R

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