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Can you imagine the consequences of losing one of your vital staffing suppliers unexpectedly? And what if that supplier was employing a significant population of highly talented foreign nationals on their payroll?  What would be the impact of your organization’s productivity and revenue?  How uncertain would your existing contractors feel about their future with your organization? How uncertain would the foreign nationals in your workforce feel about their ability to remain in the United States?

One of our valued customers was left asking themselves these troubling questions after the unexpected loss of one of their biggest staffing suppliers.  They needed a solution that allowed them to not only continue growing, but to retain their existing talent.  To navigate through this process, a partner that would help them navigate the extremely complex world of employing foreign nationals was critical.     

Our customer also knew the value their existing workforce added to the organization.  It was very important for them to be able to transition their existing workers to a new supplier while keeping the compensation packages whole.  One of the most common concerns from this population of talented workers was fear of losing the livelihood they had used as a foundation to build a life in the United States for their families.

Through a consultative approach, Populus Group was able to meet the needs of the customer by finding creative solutions to maintain the workforce.  This approach included providing excellent customer service to all the employees during the transition.  As employees ourselves, we understand the importance of a continual paycheck. 

The creative solution was made possible by our immigration expertise.  With a faster speed to market than industry standards, the customer made all critical project deadlines and workers experienced no lag in paychecks.   100% of the foreign national population was successfully transitioned while reducing the customer’s exposure to immigration and compliance risk.  The solution was catered to each individual, analyzing all immigration matters from F1 and TN visas, to H1-B visas and green cards.  As one contractor let us know, “I’ve had one of the smoothest, hassle-free, respectful environments backing me up.  Profound thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of the incredible support.”

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Through our immigration employment solutions, we were able to onboard a foreign national population seamlessly without project disruptions-read more
Immigration Services - Leading Manufacturer*