Managed Service Provider (MSP) - Global Military Vehicle Engine Manufacturer*

What would it be like to manage over 120 staffing suppliers that specialize in a variety of skillsets and/or locations? How would this decentralized approach negatively affect your organization’s relationships with these suppliers and contract workers? How would you maintain control of your costs, process efficiencies and compliance of these suppliers?  How do you know who your best suppliers are? Are you meeting the goals of your organization’s diversity spend initiatives?

Our customer, a global military vehicle and engine manufacturer, was facing the consequences of these hard questions and their organization was being negatively impacted on a global scale as a result.  Without centralized management of staffing suppliers, the company was experiencing inconsistent processes for vetting suppliers and on-boarding talent and was exposed to substantial risk associated with the use of contingent populations.  Relationships with suppliers that were once strong and mutually beneficial now suffered as a result.  All of these negative factors ultimately resulted in higher costs to the organization. Without automated systems to manage transactions with their suppliers and to ensure timely on-boarding of workers, it was extremely difficult to understand and control the costs associated with using contingent workers. 

By truly understanding the impact on their organization, Populus Group was able to customize a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution for the company.  Because the company also on-boarded a large number of referred and returning contractors, some with sponsorship needs, we also implemented a service-centric solution including immigration expertise to streamline this process through one supplier. By integrating payroll and immigration solutions into the program, the process for hiring managers would be simplified and affected contractors could feel at ease knowing that their livelihood would remain top priority. By utilizing Populus Group as their MSP, the company was able to optimize their supplier base through a streamlined vetting process and is able to track supplier performance and overall costs through increased visibility.  By consolidating all of the company’s suppliers, on-boarding activities and worker assignment management and tracking, the company was able to focus on their core responsibilities and was able to report 100% of the program spend as tier 1 minority spend.  Additionally, Populus Group established a strong partnership with executive-level sponsors within the company through a proven track record as the MSP in addition to providing staffing support to critical projects. 

How did this improve and simplify the lives of the hiring managers? By providing significant hard dollar savings through alignment of rate cards and the elimination of maverick spending, additional soft cost savings through increased productivity, process efficiencies and freeing up of resources, improved program productivity with increased fulfillment rates, reduced cycle times and simplifying of processes, improved worker productivity to decreased ramp up times, and automated time and expense entry, reduced risk by ensuring traceable and auditable transactions and guaranteed performance through monitoring of service level agreements and the coaching and management of suppliers. The result? A comprehensive solution for total talent management that allows hiring managers, procurement and HR teams to focus on achieving goals that will help them and their company to be successful.

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*Populus Group has signed confidentiality agreements with this Company so the name is undisclosed.

With a comprehensive talent management approach, we implemented a managed service provider program at a global military vehicle & engine manufacturer
Managed Service Provider (MSP) - Global Military Vehicle Engine Manufacturer*