Payroll Transition - Fortune 200 Medical Products and Equipment*

As a hiring manager, is there anything more frustrating and confusing than not knowing which of six suppliers to contact when you need to on-board a contract employee? What negative impact does this have on your ability to operate efficiently and in a cost-effective manner across projects, and more importantly as an organization? Will you and your contractors be able to count on a consistent process and positive customer service experience every time?

Like many organizations, this company, a Fortune 200 medical products and equipment company, knows the value that their contingent population adds to the overall success and growth of their company. They know that these workers are referred by friends and family members within the organization, were once full-time employees themselves, or have returned to complete multiple contract assignments.  For these reasons, the company sought out a partner who would treat these workers with the care they deserved while streamlining processes and providing cost savings for their program.

After learning the business pains the company was experiencing as the result of their existing processes as well as the outcome they were trying to achieve, Populus Group designed and implemented a solution to ensure a consistent and positive experience for every worker and manager. 

This solution streamlined the company’s payrolling process through a single point of contact, a high-touch customer service approach and proven methodology.  By quickly and efficiently transitioning 350 workers across a variety of skillsets and locations, we were able to help our customer realize immediate cost savings and transparency while capturing MBE diversity spend.  

One of our contractors had this to say about our client services lead: "My contact at Populus Group was very friendly and pleasant to speak with. I think that her positive attitude had a lot to do with the fact that I accepted the position.”

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*Populus Group has signed confidentiality agreements so the company name is undisclosed.

Provided a payroll services program including worker transition to provide cost savings, risk mitigation & compliance-read the full case study
Payroll Transition - Fortune 200 Medical Products and Equipment*