Staffing & Recruiting - Global Software & Consumer Electronics Manufacturer*

Imagine trying to grow your business but without having the talent in place to do it.  Imagine trying to work with various staffing suppliers to find talent, but only receiving resumes of candidates without the right technical skills or with the wrong cultural fit. As the work piles up and the pressure grows, how frustrated would you be?  How would falling short of deadlines and project impact you, your team, and your company?

A global software and consumer electronics company needed to fill eight open positions quickly. The primary challenge was finding enough qualified candidates that were in high demand and low supply. The team was struggling to find the right people with the right technical and cultural fit.

Time was another challenge for the hiring managers as they could not afford to interview candidates who did not meet the required qualifications for the position. Cycle times to secure the right talent were long, and the current suppliers frequently submitted candidates that weren’t professional, qualified or prepared for their interview. Not getting quality talent and receiving inconsistent submittals was a challenge that these managers continued to face while working with other suppliers with such high demand positions. 

Upon hearing of the company’s frustrations, Populus Group took the time to contact one of the hiring managers to understand the key skills and qualifications that were needed in an ideal candidate. Upon creating an ideal candidate checklist, our recruiting efforts targeted only the best candidates available in the local labor pool. These proactive pipelining efforts allowed our team to tap into the marketplace to find candidates quickly that met the company’s needs.

Upon getting projects back on track, the team lead from the company provided great feedback about our recruiters and their processes:

“I had a chance to speak with a [Populus Group] recruiter on the phone during the selection process, and he is the only recruiter that asked for any information up front. So far, the candidates have been really well prepared, professional and well qualified. I am impressed that he took the time to submit and prepare qualified candidates – some other agencies have been hit and miss. I am actually going back and review the other Populus candidates submitted in case we need to do another round next week.” 

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*Populus Group has signed confidentiality agreements so the company name is undisclosed.


Staffing & Recruiting - Global Software & Consumer Electronics Manufacturer*