Paying It Forward

How much is enough? 

There are a lot of kids in our communities who don’t have enough of what they need to thrive. Enough food, activities, reading buddies, school supplies, equipment, or positive influences who help them to stay focused on what they need to succeed. Involvement in the communities where we work and play is not just part of our business. It’s our way of life. We believe in paying it forward by giving these kids the chance that someone else gave us.  
As we continue to grow our teams across the locations we serve, so will our involvement in those communities. By giving time and resources, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of some of these kids.  We've had a chance to hang out with nearly 1,500 kids in the last year alone; reading stories, helping with homework, playing basketball and having field days, decorating cookies and eating lots of pizza.  
Can you think of many better ways to spend your time?
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