2017 PG Customer Summit

PG Customer Summit

Hutton Hotel

1808 West End Avenue

Nashville, TN 37203

An invitation only event, the 2017 PG Customer Summit will be held at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville. Attendees will spend a day-and-a-half networking, sharing knowledge and best practices and hearing the latest updates and trends in the contingent labor industry from industry thought leaders.

Attendees will gain the knowledge and expertise to evolve their programs with sessions on:

  • IC Compliance, One Year Later: New Legislation, New Case Law, and a New Administration
  • Access to Niche Foreign National Talent under a Trump Presidency
  • Legal, Compliance, and Co-Employment - Keeping Up with Industry Regulations
  • Tips, Trends, and Legalities for a Best-in-Class Drug and Background Compliance Program
  • Insurance 101: What Insurance to Require, Why, and How Much?
  • Global Engagement in the Gig Economy: Freelancers, Independent Contractors, and Corp-to-Corps
  • Technology in Human Capital: VMS, Human Cloud, ATS, Total Talent Technology and How They're Converging
  • Big Data: Use Analytics to Shape Your Program Strategy

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