Independent Contractor Compliance can be daunting. We've got you covered.

What is your organization’s strategy around the use of independent contractors (ICs/1099s)? How large of an IC population do you currently use? What internal audits does your organization use to validate the extent of your IC usage? What is your organization currently doing to avoid the increased enforcement and audits by federal and state authorities on the issue of worker misclassification?

Many of our customers have told us that risk mitigation and compliance is a top priority in their contingent workforce programs. They also ask us for our guidance to help them navigate the constantly changing landscape and to keep them informed on legislative updates that may impact their workforce.

A few other important things to consider:

  • What are the biggest areas of risk affecting your contingent population?
  • Are your managers educated on the polices and procedures of your IC Compliance program?
  • Are these policies and procedures centralized or decentralized by location or business unit?
  • Do you have a consistent, streamlined process to on-board ICs?
  • Who in your organization is ultimately responsible for the successful compliance of your IC Program?

Our experience has taught us that education and keeping up-to-date with legislative changes is half the battle. Our Independent Contractor Engagement Services were designed with that in mind. Our goal is to fully understand the compliance needs of each of our customers so that we can customize our approach to your industry, locations and the types of ICs you use. With these key points in mind, we also keep our customers informed of important changes that will impact your program and help you implement the processes you need to mitigate the risk of worker misclassification.

Want to know more about the potential risks of engaging Independent Contractors?

Many of our customers also put a premium on being able to track the status of IC engagements, deliverables and milestones and overall spend of IC usage. As a solution for stand-alone programs that do not integrate with an existing Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Vendor Management System (VMS), our Compliance Management System (CMS) offers a secure, web-based interface to do just that.

The CMS enables you to:

  • Monitor real-time status and details of risk evaluations
  • Manage documents, certificates and other necessary project details
  • Configure customizable evaluation templates based on industry, location and service type
  • Complete evaluations based on scoring, and in-depth, high touch evaluations from our compliance experts

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