Need a flexible solution to streamline the way you hire people? We know flexible.

Do you feel like you’re not keeping pace with your industry because too often you’re focused on managing multiple suppliers, vendors and contractors?  Do all the disruptions lead to missed deadlines and inconsistencies in managing your contracts? Are you looking for a way to streamline your contingent hiring process to increase compliance, save time and money and make a significant impact on diversity spend initiatives?  
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone. Many of our customers are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient in how they attract and retain the contingent talent they need.

What are the key initiatives and goals you'd like to achieve with your contingent workforce program? In our experience, organizations are looking to:

  • Improve Talent Acquisition and Retention by tracking successful assignments, completed projects and helping to develop best practices that will help you retain good people
  • Manage the Lifecycle of the entire assignment from pre-employment processes, timecards and invoicing all the way through to completion and off-boarding through seamless integration with a Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • Implement a streamlined Supplier Management process to ensure alignment with your program goals while maintaining compliance and performance metrics
  • Mitigate Risk and Increase Compliance by ensuring compliant contracts and processes through a centralized supplier vetting process and educating your hiring managers and centralizing your entire acquisition process.
  • Manage Costs through increased visibility to your spend, alignment to competitive market rates, centralization of requisition and procurement and standardized vendor contracts.
  • Minimize disruption to your business with a plan for Implementation and Change Management that results in streamlined, flexible and scalable processes
  • Access Reporting & Analytics that allow you to see hard and soft cost savings, overall program performance and forecast for future growth
  • Achieve Diversity Spend to make a significant impact on your organization's initiative goals
Are you looking for a partner who can help you achieve these goals through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution?  Get in touch with us

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