Integrated Workforce Management Framework

The use of independent contractors and the overall contingent workforce continues to grow. As utilization continues to expand, companies are challenged with how to manage various components including: multiple staffing suppliers, the quality of candidates, cost efficiency, technology options, legal compliance issues and overall process management.

Populus Group has utilized its industry experience to create an Integrated Workforce Management Framework to help our clients address their contingent workforce needs. We developed our workforce management solutions to ensure that our clients receive the best talent at a competitive rate with minimal risk.

We are a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that can not only help you meet your diversity spend goals, but we also offer multiple service lines with the ability to combine the services for a comprehensive program or our clients can pick and choose services as needed.

The Populus Group Difference

Populus Group has successfully helped multiple clients attract and retain top talent while minimizing risk, driving efficiency and maximizing diversity spend.

  • We can help you manage your entire contingent workforce and will create a program that fits your corporate culture so that you can focus on your core business.
  • We have successfully developed and implemented workforce management solutions across all industries.
  • We provide solutions that address all areas of the contingent workforce including engaging independent contractors, payrolling temporary workers, managing the hiring process with staffing suppliers and providing overall human resources consulting, process management and reporting.