Professional payroll management services for your contingent workforce

Does your company leverage referrals from internal employees and managers to add value to your contingent workforce? Do you sometimes find the need to rehire people who have worked for your company before-both full time and on a contract basis? What's your process for on-boarding and managing these employees? How do you know that these employees are being treated with the care that they deserve?

Many organizations hire contractors who have been referred, or have worked for their company in the past. The reason is simple-these employees know how your company operates and can quickly add value to your projects. They also understand your company culture, either from first-hand experience, or from what they hear from people they know.

So, if you're hiring people who know how you operate and understand your culture, why would you not have a program in place specifically tailored to this population?

A few other important questions to ask yourself:

  • How efficient is your current process to identify and on-board these employees?
  • Are you confident that your processes to hire these employees keeps you in compliance with state and federal employment laws and guidelines?
  • Is the administration of this hiring process taking away valuable time and resources from your projects and goals?
  • Can you ensure that every employee you're on-boarding gets a consistent, positive and welcoming experience and would refer your company to a friend?
Experience has taught us that every company is different; which is why we ask a lot of questions and actively listen to truly understand what's important to you when it comes to hiring payrollees.

We've also learned that starting a new job is one of the top 3 stressors a person can experience. We get that, in fact it's our mission to make this life change an easy-to-navigate, positive experience that our contract employees will never forget.

Populus Group created our Professional Payrolling Services based on what our customers told us their biggest challenges are; more specifically to give you and your payrolled workers the consistent, positive experience you're looking for and to allow you to focus on your time and resources on what matters most.

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