Managing a non-permanent
workforce has many obstacles.
We help you clear the way.


Always designed with people first, our contingent workforce solutions will make managing your program easier so you have more time to create new wins for your organization. (Or just have more time away from the office to live your dang life!)

At Populus Group, we manage your non-permanent workforce program for you and all the employees who come with it. So whether you’re running a program, or you're a contractor looking for your next cool role, we're here to help you succeed.

When you partner with Populus Group, you get amazing customer service while working with a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and Veteran Owned Business (VOB), earning Diversity Spend for your organization.

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Payroll / Employer of Record

A people-first approach to on-board and engage contingent workers, whether your team found the candidate or not

Staffing & Recruiting

We're fortunate to have amazing relationships with some of the top companies and talent in the country; if you’re looking for a job or a candidate, we’ve got you covered

Independent Contractor Compliance

Engage the independent contractor workforce while maintaining rock-solid compliance 
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Managed Service Provider

Control contingent labor costs by streamlining the way you hire and manage your workforce with consolidated processes and crystal-clear visibility into your program

Immigration Employment Solutions

We connect an international pool of specialty candidates with the organizations that need their talent, you’ll get support and legal counsel at each step of the way

IT Project Services

From advisory and co-managed services to fixed-fee managed solutions and specialty talent programs, we deliver diverse, high-caliber solutions tailored to your needs.

About Us
Populus [pop-yuh-luhs] noun –
It’s Latin for people

Hi there! We’re Populus Group. As our name implies,
we’re all about people.

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