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Payroll / Employer of Record Services

We help you deliver a great experience to your contingent workforce with a people-first approach that ensures rock-solid compliance. We'll help simplify your contingent labor program so you can focus on strategic growth and transforming your business.

When you partner with Populus Group you get amazing, personalized customer service while working with a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), Veteran Owned Business (VOB), earning Diversity Spend for your organization.  

30,000 Workers Payrolled

$1.75 Billion in total diversity spend.

What is our Payroll / Employer of Record Program?  

It’s a comprehensive system to manage and support your contingent workers, whether you found them or a third party did. From on-boarding, to employment, to off-boarding, we holistically maintain your program.

This includes:
  • Pre-employment screening - background, drug and credit
  • Administration of on-boarding paperwork
  • Administration of ACA compliant health benefits
  • Federal, state and local tax administration
  • Payroll processing - time and expense, pay and reporting
  • Distribution of W2s
  • Ongoing engagement throughout each worker's assignment
  • Off-boarding & redeployment

Virtual Hiring Success Story  

COVID-19 has impacted virtually all businesses. For one our of our clients, a considerable number of contractors were laid-off, furloughed or had their assignments permanently terminated. Through our creative solutioning and our commitment to helping employ as may people as possible, our team created a sophisticated system to track and onboard the contingent workforce the business needed, resulting in putting 120 contractors back to work.

Is our Payroll / Employer of Record Program a fit for you?

We custom-design employer of record programs to your needs - whether that means on-boarding five workers or 500. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help decide if Populus Group is the right partner for you:

  1. Are you confident that every worker you’re hiring is being on-boarded through a consistent, people-first approach?
  2. Do you worry about staying in compliance with employment laws and new legislation?
  3. Is one of your goals to save time and money while also capturing diversity spend?

Did you quietly (or not-so quietly) nod your head yes to any of these questions?

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When I think about our preferred partners, Populus Group is always front of mind. Over the years they have provided the consistency that we look for in a payroll provider, but also the strategic thinking we require in a partner. I look forward to that continuing across our contingent labor program.

Mark Lamphere

Director of Workforce Services in Global Procurement RELX Group

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Whether you have questions about how an employer of record program works, or you’re interested in getting started, we’d love to hear from you. We want to help you (and your W2s!) succeed any way we can.