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Worker misclassification can come with a hefty price tag. You need agile workforce solutions without risking expensive tax exposures. Our Independent Contractor Compliance / Agent of Record services will ensure your ICs have the proper classification and documentation, so you can utilize IC talent to grow your business with peace of mind. You don’t even have to pay for this service! Keep reading to learn more.

When you partner with Populus Group you get amazing, personalized customer service while working with a Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), Veteran Owned Business (VOB), earning Diversity Spend for your organization.

Independent Contractors successfully
vetted and screened each year

is our independent contractor / agent of record program the right fit for you?  

Are you spending too much time managing the vetting process and ongoing maintenance of documentation for your independent contractor population?
Are you worried about making sure all areas of your business are engaging ICs through a consistent and compliant process?
Has your company been audited in the past?

If you nodded your head to any of these questions, our IC services would help you with compliance and peace of mind. Oh, and as we mentioned,you as the employer don’t have to pay for IC services. We can set-up the billing so that the IC does.


ic compliance success story 

This Minnesota-based international consumer goods manufacturer implemented Populus Group as their independent contractor compliance provider in 2015. Our Independent Contractor Compliance team reviewed and vetted 2,500 independent contractors and discovered that 300 did not meet the IC requirements. We then transitioned each worker to W2 status and managed their payroll through the life of their contract. 


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