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There’s a lot to love about Minneapolis. For one, it’s Prince’s hometown. And for two, our first Minnesota office is fresh on the scene (established in 2018).

Minneapolis Office Location

The Populus Group

If you're looking for inspiration, industry insights, practical tips, and some great stories, the Populus Group Blog has you covered.

Populus Group Veterans

Military Veterans

Why I Raised My Hand to Serve: Stories from PG Veterans 
Populus Group Sherpa Trip Portland, OR


The Extra Step Is a Story
Intern Management Populus Group


Do Interns Add Value to the Workforce?

Populus Group has been an instrumental resource for our contingent and direct hire Human Resources programs. We rely on the team at Populus Group as trusted advisors and appreciate their deep understanding of the Ace Hardware culture and values.

Mary Donato

Director of Employment & Diversity
Ace Hardware Corporation